Why do you need a security alarm?

  • Simple, it is the most effective way of protecting the people you love and your assets, whether in your residence, business, camper, beach, countryside house or apartment.
  • It's perfect for those who seek tranquility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, especially if you leave the property alone for long terms, while working or traveling.
  • This can also reduce your cost with insurance, because your home will be protected from theft, fire and flood in the most modern and intelligent way.
  • It is important to put a light on the fact that the alarm does not prevent a house from being stolen, but it inhibits and controls a possible incident in the building, with cameras and alarms.
  • Another resource to prevent and reduce the risk of invasion is when the house is empty, the lights automatically turn on and off in different rooms, giving the impression from outside that someone is indeed at home. Really smart.

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What are the advantages of a wireless system?

1. Breeze installation

The first advantage is that a wireless system does not require rigid wiring like traditional systems. In wired alarms a cabling is distributed throughout the house at the access points such as doors and windows to a central monitoring station. Because of the esthetic effects it is necessary to break the walls to install the cables inside, which requires more money and time in the process. Wireless alarm system was created to be practical. Installation requires a smart device, basic or even no tools and minimal time. Basically is just set the detectors on the walls or floor and connect them using a QR-code and few taps in the app. The compact dimensions allow the detector to be installed under washing machines and dishwashers, or wherever convenient and you prefer.

The various detectors communicate with the hub by sending data to radio frequencies, transmitting alarms within 0.15s and encrypting data at every step, keeping you updated with a full event log in the notification tab.

You can also set the system up on your own. The mobile app has interactive instructions with prompts and a user friendly interface. If you prefer, a professional installer can set everything up optimally to ensure maximum protection.

2. Flexibility

If the house is under renovation or some layout change is necessary, it is very easy to adapt the equipment and upgrade the system. The functional and exceptional modern design have been made to match your decor and be clean.

The current technology allows a stable communication between the detectors over long distances and the devices can be up to 2,000 meters away, requiring less equipment.

This makes the system useful for both homeowners and renters, since the system can move with you to a new home.

3. Autonomy and Mobility

The system operates autonomously because it has its own batteries. Devices can operate for up to 7 years without a battery replacement. When power fails, the system can work up to 15 hours on reserve power.

The protection is against both the preventable and the unforeseeable. If something goes wrong, you will know about it.

For the user the facility is in the monitoring of any intercurrence through a simple interface application, which can be used by the computer, cellphone, tablet or integrated with home automation systems. It enables you to receive notifications, enable and disable alarms anytime, anywhere, online monitoring. Even when you are away from home or the business, you can access the system and be aware of any movement that happens in the property.

It is important to note that the system operates on frequencies that are not used in telephones or other wireless devices, which guarantees complete security in sending information to the exchange. In addition, it detects interference and radio interference and have protection against viruses and bot attacks. The operating status of the device is always checked and reports to the system owner.

4. Intelligence

The detectors are been made to accurately determine when an intrusion has occurred and filters false alarms. The system is smart, reliable and very fast. It only reacts to real dangers, not to false alarms.

This is made possible due to the SmartDetect digital algorithm and multi factor detection models. The intelligent control panel can be connected to two independent communication providers (via Ethernet and Wi-Fi) which enables that the control panel will stay connected and continue monitoring the detectors even if the connection of one provider fails. Furthermore, the central unit is equipped with a GSM module which insures a reliable connection even when the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi is not available.

Motion detectors can differentiate between the footsteps of an intruder and a cat or robot vacuum cleaner, for example. It ignores drafts and incidental electrical or thermal interference, so you will just get instant alerts with push notifications, SMS or phone calls when it's really matter. If anything happens, we will notify you in a heartbeat and help you avoid major issues.The system allows you to define the person who should be notified, those being your loved ones, the security company or the local fire department.

The system is regularly providing new features and updates, with ensures that the system is not overloaded and works with the best features.

To conclude, do not waste time worrying and guarantee your peace of mind, your family and your pocket will thank you. We are here for help. Contact us: info@comfort-el.com.

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